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ConnerBomb's News

Posted by ConnerBomb - July 1st, 2008

Trust me now, you will probably not like it, at all. For an English Comp class, we were to choose a subject of our enjoyment to write an MLA format essay and I just so happened to choose NG for it. I aced it, and now I share my utter frustrations unto those who actually READ the Goddamn blogs anymore.

You will probably not like me very well after this, but lately, I have been not caring about the dumb shit things that people write. Enjoy!

PS: It's not in MLA format, if you know what that is, so don't be a picky dipshit.

The Flaws of Newgrounds from a NG User's Eyes

For those who don't know what Newgrounds is, Newgrounds is a site where Flash
animation/games and audio music flourish. It has given birth to some of the internet's most well-known videos, including "The Numa Numa Dance", "Charlie the Unicorn", and "Metal Gear Awesome", and even having a game reach home consoles under the name Alien Hominid. For the last three years, I have had an account with Newgrounds under the alias of ConnerBomb, but only have been active on it since November 2007, even submitting some audio pieces of my own with excellent feedback. Within the short time that I have been using this name, however, I have discovered some issues with this site that I find irritating, mainly due to the site's community. Though Newgrounds has brought forth some great Flash artists and superb audio artists, the site is riddled with flaws because of the immaturity level, the severely flawed rating system, and the misleading and often inappropriate Flash that make this site at times unbearable.

Perhaps one of the main issues that stand out in my mind about this site is the immaturity level of the other users. This is mainly due to the majority of the users on Newgrounds being under the age of sixteen and the older users acting like the users who are under sixteen. They are the main contributors to many of the blog entries and forum discussions on Newgrounds. The forums on this site, especially in the General section, are bombarded with some of the worst topics I have ever encountered on any website I have visited. Many of these topics involve sexual acts/topics, racial or religious bashing, and some even post mutilation pictures of either animals or people. The blogs on Newgrounds are around the same topic as the forums, but are more concealed, making the blogs iffy to click on. How so? A user could just put a "Hello Everyone", but then throw in a hentai picture to throw you off guard (which is supposed to be not allowed by Newgrounds rules, but of course, nothing happens). Not only do the users on this site post inappropriate content, they also have a tendency to spam other user's pages. I personally have gone through and deleted responses stating "YOU ARE A F****T!!!!!!!", "UR GHEY!!!1!!1", "F*CK YOU!!!", the list goes on from users who get a personal enjoyment on doing so. This shows how immature most of the users on this site can be.

Another problem that I found on Newgrounds, and perhaps one of the biggest contributors of the trash that is on this site, is the rating system for the Flashes. On Newgrounds, the rating system consists of a bar with the numbers 0-5; 0 being lowest, 5 being highest. This rating system for Newgrounds is one of the most broken systems I have ever encountered. One of the reasons why it's broken is the fact that you can rate on your own works. So basically, the author of a piece of Flash or audio can vote a 5 on his or her work when it deserves much less. Also, the blam and save system also contributes to the brokenness of the site's rating system. On Newgrounds, a "blam" is when a person votes 0 or 1 on a work and when the rating gets to a certain level, gets deleted. A "save" is a 2 to 5 rating that keeps the Flash on Newgrounds for all eternity. When someone helps blam or save a Flash from getting through, they receive a point on their page. But, in my opinion, is the reason why decent Flashes get deleted and terrible flashes get passed. This is because that some users on this site could care less for the Flash that they save or blam as long as they get that point for their page. It sickens me on what gets passed or blammed because of it.

Therefore, this brings me to my final point on why Newgrounds is riddled with flaws: the Flash itself. I have watched countless Flashes since I've been on Newgrounds. Many of these Flashes I took the liberty of blamming because they were beyond terrible. Many of these no-talent flashes, which include badly drawn and animated stick figures half the time, usually get deleted. However, there are "crews" on Newgrounds that will 5 vote a terrible Flash out of spite of everyone else, and it passes through the judgment stage, which poses both an annoyance and a problem on the site. Not only do these terrible Flashes pass judgment, some of them are wrongly rated. On Newgrounds, the Flashes are rated by the content that is in them, from All Ages to Adult. However, some users get a kick of wrongly rating their flash. I have actually encountered Flashes rated All Ages where there are genitalia flying across the screen and Adult rated Flashes with no adult content whatsoever. How can you watch a Flash when you can't even trust the rating on it? In fact, the users that are guilty of this trend are the ones that being in "spam crews". These crews on Newgrounds get a kick of passing their so-called spam Flashes to anger the community, and they do an excellent job in doing so. Though I have tried desperately to try to find some control over this, I have been unsuccessful, due to the rating system, the blam/save system, and people's uncaring nature.

In conclusion, because of the immaturity, the rating system, and sub-par Flash that get passed, Newgrounds is slowly becoming worse overtime and looks as though that it will not reverse anytime soon. Now, being a vigilant Newgrounds user (rare on this site), I have noticed this trend since I have visited this site the first time in middle school. As much as I want to make the site better for other users, no one on the site seems to give a damn about it. My thing is that the administration needs to wake up and fix these problems so that the site would no longer be compared to another site of the same qualities; 4chan. Newgrounds has some of the most memorable Flashes that are being overrun by other people's garbage and it seems as though no one cares, and I have grown tired of fighting a seeming losing battle.

Okay, if you read all that, it was all basically a rant, as you can see. This is all obvious to most of you (hopefully), and I was only stating it. I aced the damn thing as well.

If you DIDN'T read it, you're a fucking dumbass for even scrolling to the bottom in the blog in hopes of a "pretty" picture that I usually post. Tough luck asswipe, there isn't one.

I hope you enjoyed it, leave comments, I always respond.

PS: I saw Wall-E today; it was the shit :P

Posted by ConnerBomb - June 23rd, 2008

Once again, I have conjured up another weapon drawing. I've grown very fond of drawing on the computer now. Wacom Bamboo is the shit! :)

More Art

Posted by ConnerBomb - June 18th, 2008

I have finally gotten the right tools to make my own pieces of artistic epicness. :)

With the combination of the Wacom Bamboo and Alias Sketchbook, I can finally say FUCK IT to the pieces of art that I am too lazy to scan and post.

This is the first thing I drew in Alias. It's a little off in the way it looks, but I think it looks alright. What do you guys think?


Posted by ConnerBomb - June 17th, 2008

Awesome songs. I recommend listening to them if you have any shred of decency.

Bullet For My Valentine : Waking the Demon

/* */
Haste The Day : When Everything Falls

/* */
Nightwish : Amaranth

/* */
Black Tide : Shockwave

/* */
Killswitch Engage : Holy Diver

/* */
Comment on what you like

Posted by ConnerBomb - June 16th, 2008

I've had a very long weekend... Saturday and Sunday were probably the longest days of my life. If you have time in your busy schedules, sit back and enjoy this long ass story. Comment on it!!!!!

Let's start with Saturday:

Since the Job message box in my account could go only so far, I couldn't write down that I worked not only as a Student and Game Tester, but also a Sales Associate at Fuddruckers (go ahead, laugh it off you assholes). Saturday felt like it never stopped with the flow of customers until it was dead at around 5 in the afternoon. I was sent home since it was extremely empty at around 8. I called my roommate about 10 times to come pick me up at the restaurant, but he never answered his phone (which I later find out his phone was dead.) I was offered a ride home, but she couldn't leave until close (10pm). So, I spent 2 hours helping her out with dishes and talking to her about some of the shit that's happening at the store (won't go into it) and other things that popped into our heads (most of it kinky :P).

Before that, I got a call from my mom saying that she no longer has a job. Now, being a single mom with 5 kids and 3 animals to take care of, that's not good, at all. So, basically my supporting income has come to a screeching halt and now I have to go into the FA at my school and tell them that my mom has no job. Isn't it fun???

Anyway, fast forward to closing and my General/Assistant Manager (don't ask) was severely panicking. Turned out that between my till and the other till that was used that day, we were short $180, almost all of it from the other till. I wondered how the fuck it happened, but because of it, some privileges were taken away from the incident and instead of the five who were using the registers repaying the $180, my manager decided to take the write-up and pay back the debt with his own money. When he did that, I felt like a complete failure like the others around me. So after the meeting we had on it, I came up with the idea of getting together, relax, and smoke a blunt. I have never smoked weed in my life, but after dealing with bitchy customers all that day and what happened at that time, I was willing to smoke that night; it was a bad fucking day.

When we arrived at the friend's apartment, since I decided to not go home that night, I settled back on her couch with her four little monsters (dogs) licking my face until the rest of the clan arrived. After they arrived, we went into her room to play a little Guitar Hero III, and afterward lit up her bong. I had lived a straight edge lifestyle until that point where I needed to find a release, and how to do it but try a little weed. After a few pointers from one of my friends, since it was my first time, I took a huge hit. I held that smoke in my lungs for about 10 seconds before I released it. Everyone then thought that this wasn't my first time, since I did it so well, but it was, honestly. After another hit, I couldn't stop smiling for some oddball reason, and the screen was moving, and not in the direction the bar was going in the game, and laughed because it was happening. This doesn't change anything, I think. I only did it once and will probably never do it again unless in case of another severely bad day like this one...

Anyway, on to Sunday!!!

I crashed on my friend's couch at around 2 in the morning while she stayed in her room to sleep. I was out like a light when my head hit the cushion on the couch. I woke up at around 8 am with one of her roommate's kittens laying on my face. I'm allergic to cats, so it was kind of a rude awakening if you ask me... I had to be into work at 9:30 to open the store for Father's Day (which I think is a crap day to begin with), which is very much fun (sarcasm). However, I was still feeling the effects of the other night, and I was stumbling to the bathroom to wash my stenchiness away in the shower, which felt great by the way. I tried to wake up Tiff (which I call her), but every time I attempted, her dogs would go crazy and I feared of waking up the neighbors around her. But, at around 9:15, she opened the door. She had some bedhead, which made her a little more cute than she already is. She got ready while we both talked and me falling back and forth to sleep on the end of her bed. At around 10:00 (i was late by 30 minutes at that point), her ride picked us up and drove us to Fudds, where it took no time between me and her to open the front of the store before the crowds came in.

During the whole charade, I was still groggy from the other night. I couldn't concentrate most of the time and ended up getting frustrated. Plus, people were bitching and I nearly got tired of hearing it and nearly punched some of them. Not to mention not getting a break from the whole mess that day, which made me even more aggravated. At that point, I regretted that I took a hit Saturday night. But, near the end of the night, I felt a little better, hell, even relaxed. After easily closing the store right at 9, I came home and now am planning a party on Tuesday as I type and you read.

If you read this, kudos, you set yourself apart from the rest of the illiterate on this site.


and now a random football pic:

Crud Weekend and a Bong Hit

Posted by ConnerBomb - June 13th, 2008

Well, the semester for me is over with. The classes I didn't give two shits about have come and gone. All I'm waiting for is the next semester to start Monday with a whole new schedule. FUN!!!

But anyway, onward I post.

Lately, I've been having these odd emotional swings. Like one minute, I would feel fine, the next, I would get depressed or pissed off, something similar to that. Maybe I'm drinking way too much Caffeine. Either that or I'm Bipolar, I'm not quite sure... It's bugging the hell out of me, seriously. :|



Infection: The Movie - ??? (No one has told me of the progress yet... T_T)

Short Fuse - 0% (Bound to start sometime, just wait)


Awaken The Beast Within 20% (And you thought I was a lazy ass! Shame on you for thinking that!)

Anyway, now I plan to change your attention. If your up to some music, here's a video of one of my all-time favorite bands. Enjoy! :)

Alter Bridge : Rise Today

/* */

Posted by ConnerBomb - June 3rd, 2008

I am now officially bored, and since I have no updates on what the hell I'm doing or am going to do, I think I'll answer some comments today.

Feel free to comment here, just keep the spamming to a minimum, if you can

I'll be waiting...

Hello Everyone.

Posted by ConnerBomb - June 1st, 2008

Well, from the time that I am SUPPOSED to be doing my final papers for my classes, I have reestablished my page once again.

First, now instead of a picture of a sniper fox, you have my Neanderthal self strumming away at my Peavey Raptor. Tuned Drop C for pure metal madness, of course. I'm very secure of putting pics of myself on such a site as this, just never got around to do it until now. (Narcissistic Laughter) Honestly, I think everyone should do this at least once, but that's just me.

Second, my obsession with Bombchus have influenced the new banner I made in just an hour. I think it's quite an eyecatcher. I got tired of the old one, so...

Third, my new forum sig, which is below, which shows the awesomeness of the one and only Bomberman. My old sig, I felt, was a little harsh, since there's a vast majority of users who are into furry fandom. I have no grudge against the furs, so I thought it was time to change it since it didn't really show a true opinion of mine. If you haven't seen my old sig, click on THIS to go to it.

Nice way to procrastinate, I must say, what do you crack heads think?

A total rehashment

Posted by ConnerBomb - May 30th, 2008

After a shitacular week and hours and hours of lost sleep later, I am finally starting to feel back to normal again. Just as long as no one I know decides to die on me in the next few days...

Don't know what I'm talking about? Click HERE

Anyway, on to business...

I have finally decided to plan on making the full version of my Drum and Bass song. However, I won't be able to start until I get the two weeks ahead through with. Case in point, writing over 100 pages for my three classes. (Research Paper, Game Document, and Story Treatment, fun...)

If you haven't listened to my D&B demo yet, click on THIS to give a listen to the demo.


On the Road to Recovery

Posted by ConnerBomb - May 28th, 2008

There was a death at my college over the weekend... The person who died, Adam, was one of the coolest people I've met since I've been going to school. I learned that Memorial Day, he was struck and killed by a car while crossing the road (it was a legal cross, the car didn't slow down...).

In the past few months, I've had people I knew personally both friends and family die and I've seen some NGers' userpages turning into obituaries before my eyes. I can honestly say I am starting to become overwhelmed because of it...

I don't know what to do anymore... I'm so fucking depressed I can't even sleep...I think I'm literally going insane...