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so true...
mass voters need to die in a fire.

As much as we want them to and try to flame them ourselves, no one else seems to give a shit, including the administration on this site, assuming. No one gives a shit anymore about this site.

Why fight when you can't even make a fucking difference when you want to? That's my question.

I hate zero bobmers. Good paper.

Mmm, do I LOVE those fuckers. Absolutely nothing to contribute beneficially to NG but to annoy us for the attention whores that they are in real life.

I am glad you like my paper. I just wish people would actually give a shit about this site and make it better for everyone else instead of piling it with more filth. I'm getting tired of fighting a losing battle, y'know?

I agree with every thing from the flawed voting to To the idiots. The people in the "spam crews" as you refer to them are actually called the betty-ballers. These people are total dip shits. U are right, newgrounds is getting worse by the day. The one thing I disagree with you is that u said newgrounds can't be saved. We can start a petion stating all the things wrong with newgrounds on the forum posts. And I know a lot of people who are willing to help then we copy and state all the things said on the post and send it in a pm to the bots and administrators. It will work depending how many agree with us. I have been on newgrounds as long s u have. Just a couple of months ago i got an account and i agree that this place is going to shit. PM me if you agree to my plan


Actually, I don't think I actually said that NG can't be saved (correct me if I'm wrong), but saying that I'm just sick of feeling like the only one who cares of the control of what comes in and out of here. I've even flagged inappropriate shit and what do I get? A mother-fucking Garbage whistle.

It can't be just the betty-ballers doing all this. Don't forget the ones who whore the blam/save option! Let's not forget the other crews as well.

I think the main problem here is that the rules AREN'T being enforced, at all. If it's common fucking sense that the review is beyond inappropriate, there is porn revenging in the blogs, and the Flash is complete shit, it should be deleted. There's no justice here.

As in the petition, it's a major risk, due to the fact that most users here would rather fuck around rather than help. I'm a little iffy about it.

If at all, I'll post my paper in the forums and see if people react to it in a positive manner. If they react in the way I hope, then I'll think about it.

If it fails, then I'm done with this site... I'm tired of fighting, and I'm starting to get worn down.


*Throws Catnip at omgdeletedmeow69*

Most users are immature but they're everywhere these days. Kids are attracted to "more adult stuff" when its not even that adult. It'll always be like that as long as people make more adult themed things and flaunt them in the open. The 5s and 0s people vote is quiet a problem too but how else are people able to express their love/hate for the flash, and the process of blaming/saving flashes is pretty broken. but its also the fastest way to get flashes processed. I suppose they could make it to where mods only check out new submissions to see whether they're worthy enough or not but that'd be a major pain for them. Newgrounds is just a reflection of how society is (well it is to me anyways)

Double post XD
The spam crews are horrible and so is their stuff but its not like their flashes will be given high scores. They'll just be crappy 1.00 flashes that bring down their BA, and collect dust.On the bright side though they'll give us save/blam points.

You put up a good fight there. Couldn't agree with you more.

Pretty much sums up my thoughts about NG...
Great paper, you deserve an A+!

indeed wall-e was the shit

i didnt read it so long


that is something