A total rehashment

2008-06-01 04:23:44 by ConnerBomb

Well, from the time that I am SUPPOSED to be doing my final papers for my classes, I have reestablished my page once again.

First, now instead of a picture of a sniper fox, you have my Neanderthal self strumming away at my Peavey Raptor. Tuned Drop C for pure metal madness, of course. I'm very secure of putting pics of myself on such a site as this, just never got around to do it until now. (Narcissistic Laughter) Honestly, I think everyone should do this at least once, but that's just me.

Second, my obsession with Bombchus have influenced the new banner I made in just an hour. I think it's quite an eyecatcher. I got tired of the old one, so...

Third, my new forum sig, which is below, which shows the awesomeness of the one and only Bomberman. My old sig, I felt, was a little harsh, since there's a vast majority of users who are into furry fandom. I have no grudge against the furs, so I thought it was time to change it since it didn't really show a true opinion of mine. If you haven't seen my old sig, click on THIS to go to it.

Nice way to procrastinate, I must say, what do you crack heads think?

A total rehashment


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2008-06-01 05:42:08

BomberMan Fxking rox.
Oh yeah, and I'm going to actually be working on a different community with my free time, FiskCity TSRP. So, cya :|

ConnerBomb responds:

What's Fiskcity? Never heard of it... And yes, Bomberman is the shit!

Ah, you leave NG before I do, that's just not fair! :P


2008-06-01 18:45:40

This crackhead thinks your own self looks like a badass.
Also that Bomberman is some good games (bad grammer intentianal)

ConnerBomb responds:

Bomberman and Star Fox share the same traits. Some good games, occasional bad grammar. It's all good. :)

I may look badass, but I lead a boring life, sadly...