Hello Everyone.

2008-06-03 15:34:49 by ConnerBomb

I am now officially bored, and since I have no updates on what the hell I'm doing or am going to do, I think I'll answer some comments today.

Feel free to comment here, just keep the spamming to a minimum, if you can

I'll be waiting...

Hello Everyone.


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2008-06-03 15:48:38

darknessdweller wuz here.

ConnerBomb responds:

Why, yes you were! :P


2008-06-03 21:08:17

and why is he throwing oragami cranes in the trash?

ConnerBomb responds:

Because he is waiting for comments, and he waits by making origami cranes. :P


2008-06-03 23:13:01

LegendaryAwesome was here! Visit and comment on my userpage and you will get a cookie!

ConnerBomb responds:

Doesn't hurt to give it a shot! :P


2008-06-03 23:42:23

I was surprised too when Moopsie told me it would involve Metal Slug. I think she said one of the flash artists preferred making metal slug sprites.

ConnerBomb responds:

No one tells me of updates anymore. I feel left out severely...


2008-06-03 23:47:40

No one really tells me either but I just happen to find stuff out.

ConnerBomb responds:

Doesn't that kinda piss you off a little bit? It's one of my biggest pet peeves when I'm misinformed about something that's important.

Communication is the key, God dammit! And I'm not seeing any.


2008-06-04 18:52:14

They locked my fred in BBS

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/9 15756

But i need BA to mayk collab! Wat is BA?
How do i see it?

Can U help wiv COLLAB??

ConnerBomb responds:

I'm afraid not. I'm already in a collab with another group.

Plus, not a big fan of Crocodile Dundee...


2008-06-04 18:53:34

thanks for the help

ConnerBomb responds:

Sure, not a problem. Always happy to help a fellow NGer. :)


2008-06-04 19:20:27


ConnerBomb responds:

Yep. :P


2008-06-04 20:52:03

cute bunny:3

ConnerBomb responds:

Looks like he's plotting something to me... o_0

Yes, it's adorable. :)


2008-06-05 04:24:43

AW Look at the bunny!! So cute!!!!

ConnerBomb responds:

Indeed, it is adorable. :)


2008-06-05 15:21:22

that rabbit is a beast.

ConnerBomb responds:

Yes he is, sir, yes he is.


2008-06-05 17:29:44

game testing? That sounds like a nice job. What games you tested then? Anything popular?

ConnerBomb responds:

I've beta tested some small time "test" games at my college, mainly for class assignments. Nothing too fancy, I'm afraid...

I do want to test for a company, just need to find time from school and my other job to actually do it.


2008-06-05 18:14:30

Ahh, nice. I know someone that was on the verge of being a games tester for Rockstar North (creators of GTA if you didn't know ;D ) but he just lost out to someone else.

ConnerBomb responds:

Yeah, Rockstar's badass. That must have sucked that he got beat out for testing... I would have felt a little pissed off if that happened to me. :\


2008-06-06 09:55:18

Ok I am waiting too.
Meh I am bored.

ConnerBomb responds:

You just blew my mind! :P


2008-06-06 18:55:19

omg that is the cutest pic! but its nice that ur waiting 4 me! and yes i can keep the spamming to a minimum

ConnerBomb responds:

I have the patience of a god! (not literally, but you get the point.)

And yes, the pic is adorable! :P


2008-06-07 05:42:36

Sweet pic dude

ConnerBomb responds:

Yep, it's just so epic. :P


2008-06-07 23:18:41

Dude, can I borrow your lawn mower?

I swear, I only need it for a minute.

(Updated ) ConnerBomb responds:

Hmm, for what purpose will you use my lawn mower for? <('.'<)


2008-06-08 01:45:53

Is that a fender I see?Im not sure though..That fretboard looks like its ebony..And the body seems a but pointy too..Okay its not a fender..What is it?

ConnerBomb responds:

It's a Peavey Raptor, tuned Drop C for pure metal awesomeness. :)

Got it on my 16th birthday and have been playing on it ever since.

I want to get some of my guitar music on here, but Adobe Audition's a bitch and won't record my guitar when I plug it into my laptop... Is Garageband compatible for PC, do you know?


2008-06-09 05:58:14

1. hey dude watsup

2. What method are you using for recording your guitar? Line In (if they even have those on laptops)? USB? its been a while, but I use the same program when I recorded (well, it was Cool Edit at the time) and I can probably fish something up if you want. or if you mean you already know how and just cant get it to work, i dunno :P

3. I'm 99% sure Garageband is Apple exclusive, but you wouldnt want that anyway over Adobe Audition ;)

4. hey, youre ambient and DnB track you posted here are pretty cool :)

(Updated ) ConnerBomb responds:

1. Well hi there sir!

2. I'm using a USB plug for my guitar to the laptop. I just don't know how to get the program to record it without using a handheld mic a couple inches from the guitar (which sounds like crap, especially with no amp...) I did have a trial version of ACID, but I didn't have any time to go on there due to my schedule and procrastination.

3. I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback on Garageband, so I just wanted to know. AA is frickin sweet; I just need to figure out how to record my guitar properly!

4. I guess they're alright. :)


2008-06-10 01:58:44

Oh yeah! Beautiful country out there in Arizona. Always clear skies. I figure it'd be a pretty cool place to live, but I kind of missed the greenery we have back home. But here I miss being able to see stars at night. And Navajo tacos, no matter how bad for you they are.

ConnerBomb responds:

Heh, yeah. :)

I miss the east coast... I've only been in AZ for about 8 months. I love it, but I miss everything back in South Carolina (family, friends, etc.)

Navajo tacos are the shit!


2008-06-11 10:41:16

Ive got a new hotness competition on my userpage! Come check it out!

ConnerBomb responds:

All right, I'll check it out.


2008-06-13 04:00:12

Friday the 13th!

ConnerBomb responds: