An unusual shift of emotions

2008-06-13 05:41:21 by ConnerBomb

Well, the semester for me is over with. The classes I didn't give two shits about have come and gone. All I'm waiting for is the next semester to start Monday with a whole new schedule. FUN!!!

But anyway, onward I post.

Lately, I've been having these odd emotional swings. Like one minute, I would feel fine, the next, I would get depressed or pissed off, something similar to that. Maybe I'm drinking way too much Caffeine. Either that or I'm Bipolar, I'm not quite sure... It's bugging the hell out of me, seriously. :|



Infection: The Movie - ??? (No one has told me of the progress yet... T_T)

Short Fuse - 0% (Bound to start sometime, just wait)


Awaken The Beast Within 20% (And you thought I was a lazy ass! Shame on you for thinking that!)

Anyway, now I plan to change your attention. If your up to some music, here's a video of one of my all-time favorite bands. Enjoy! :)

Alter Bridge : Rise Today

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2008-06-13 11:26:09

Yeah...I don't know much about where we are either...I expect the Infection flash to be out sometime either this month or next month...

ConnerBomb responds:

Wonderful... I just hope that they both stuck with the concept and are able to get it out on time.