2008-06-18 23:22:52 by ConnerBomb

I have finally gotten the right tools to make my own pieces of artistic epicness. :)

With the combination of the Wacom Bamboo and Alias Sketchbook, I can finally say FUCK IT to the pieces of art that I am too lazy to scan and post.

This is the first thing I drew in Alias. It's a little off in the way it looks, but I think it looks alright. What do you guys think?



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2008-06-18 23:41:14

nice, all you need now is flash.

ConnerBomb responds:

I do have the latest version of Flash. I just need the time and patience to sit down and make one. :)


2008-06-19 02:35:21


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ConnerBomb responds:

Aww... Someone needs a hug!


2008-06-19 04:00:31

You should try and make something in Flash.

ConnerBomb responds:

I might, but like I told igott, I need the time to sit down, learn what I need to learn, and then do it.


2008-06-19 06:44:59

nice art you made there.

ConnerBomb responds:

Why thank you kind sir! :)


2008-06-19 13:38:05


ConnerBomb responds:



2008-06-19 13:39:18

I see you submit audio 2!

ConnerBomb responds:

Yes I do, and hopefully Flash in the future


2008-06-19 23:15:29

You should definitely learn/use Flash.
I think you could make some great stuff. Ha.

ConnerBomb responds:

If I do, it'll probably be the last thing I submit to this site besides my full version of the ATBW track. I plan on leaving NG until an improvement is made on the quality and control of what comes in or out on NG.

But then again, things could change...


2008-06-21 01:18:02

OOOoooo... cool! I would definitely bring one of those to battle.
And I agree it would be cool in flash, and I ALSO agree that crap does come in and out!

ConnerBomb responds:

Yeah, It's going to be a weapon in one of the games I'm planning on creating in the future.

I'm glad you think that way. I'm tired of all of the crap that gets sent through.

Hence, my first and last Flash for Newgrounds. :P