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2008-06-23 13:54:33 by ConnerBomb

Once again, I have conjured up another weapon drawing. I've grown very fond of drawing on the computer now. Wacom Bamboo is the shit! :)

More Art


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2008-06-23 17:08:29

not bad for a computer drawing

ConnerBomb responds:

I guess so :)


2008-06-23 18:04:59

'tis a bit wobbly.. i guess its a small tablet, huh?

ConnerBomb responds:

Yeah, I know. I kind of rushed this one unlike my spear, especially on a small tablet.

It's just a sketch that I did w/ color. When I actually make the real drawing, it'll look better. :)


2008-06-30 11:35:26

Verry nicely doen.
The blade is well forged and would not easily brake.
The hilt is a uniqe shape and should prevent sweaty palms.
And the fox tails are a nice barbaric touch.
You have done verry well indeed.

ConnerBomb responds:

Not bad for a small tablet I guess...

You describe it way too well man. :P