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Starting to have enough...

2008-05-25 02:56:52 by ConnerBomb

There's comes a time in a person's life when things don't seem to work out the way they want to... I have this feeling on NG as of late...

I joined because I thought this site was the shit. I thought this site had some great Flash talent and some great music by some great artists. But as of late, I've been seeing less and less of it. All of these Flashes of crappy animations and pointless "spam" flashes getting passed by save whores and actual GOOD flashes getting low scores by blam whores. Really, there's no justice here... There's no point in wasting my time with a bunch of kids who's balls haven't even dropped and actual adults who act like these kids...

I looked in people's news posts, both the Artist News and Riff Raff sections. I am sick of trying to decipher LARGE TEXT SINGLE LONG PARAGRAPH ENTRIES and indecipherable "text" language (you know what I'm talking about) I've only met a handful of people with actual sense on this site (LtMcMuffin with his insights, Moopsie for her stories and personality, Saphireking65 for his friendship, just to name a few, the rest know who you are, hopefully). The rest are either immature, unreliable, or just plain moronic. They continue to post pointless posts. You've seen them, the one talking about stupid Naruto shit that no one cares about or spams a letter for all eternity. Why even bother? No one fucking cares that you know one letter of the alphabet and can press it 1000 times. My dog can do the same damn thing by just laying on the fucking keyboard. No one's impressed!

Speaking of spam, to tell the truth, I actually miss betty. He could expose many of the dipshits on this site with the simple words of FUCK YOU. At least he did us a favor for the entertainment for pissing off the public, and exposing the 13 year old motherfuckers on this site.

I plan that once I am through with the collab of "Infection: The Movie" and my solo project called "Short Fuse : NG" (working title), and until there should be any personal reason why I should stay. I'll retire from this site until Newgrounds finds a way to fix itself out of the cesspool it's got itself into. Congrats, guys, you fucked it up!

Until then, I'm only counting the days...

And knowing most NGers, who can't read past the first paragraph most of the time, will probably not read above this paragraph and go straight to the comments and state that I am some stupid emo twat or some shit and should get the fuck off. You know what? This only shows your lack of intelligence and level of retardation you actually have. Here's an advance fuck you for keepers to keep with you till I drag you down to hell when we both are deceased and rotting in the ground.

Starting to have enough...

Here's another poster that I made under sheer boredom. I stole one of my friend's pics from his MySpace and made it amusing. His name is Zach, by the way.

Another handmade Demotivational poster

And, well, here it is. Nothing special about it. I was just bored...

I made a demotivational poster as amusement.

I think the new Town Watch rank speaks for itself, don't you agree?

Anyway, here's a random video for your enjoyment:

/* */
And what the hell, a pic of whatever:

Proof I spend too much time on this site:


2008-05-13 05:03:16 by ConnerBomb

So I've been thinking of a Flash (Yeah no shit, right?)

I was thinking for my first Flash, I would make a humorous rant on Newgrounds. The animation would be kept a basic, yet artistic feel to it. I will talk about many things that I have observed here on NG and twist them into an entertaining sarcastic humor-type thing. Kinda like Zero Punctuation, but with actual punctuation and without an Aussie accent, see where I'm going with this?

When I'll start it? Hell if I know... Whenever school and work cease, maybe?



I made a signature...

2008-05-08 01:27:17 by ConnerBomb

And here it is and all it's humor :P

I made a signature...


2008-05-06 04:35:57 by ConnerBomb

I think my GamerTag is confusing too many people online... They get about half of it deciphered and ask my what the other half is and it gets a little irritating for both me and everyone else. I'm thinking of changing the tag name to my NG account name, but it just a matter of if I feel like it or not...

Anyway, I'm just wondering if you can deciphermy current GamerTag, M3T4LJ6NK9, for my amusement. Go ahead, take a guess, I'm not gonna bite (hard) if you get it wrong.

Can't figure it out? It's alright, just stare at this pic:

(PS: Look for me on either Halo 3, Guitar Hero III, or Rock Band if you want to play)


Jesus Mother-FUCKING Christ, I feel like ripping someone's throat out right now. What the FUCK is up with the past couple days!? One minute, it's going fine, then it ends up a pile of shit. I think I'll drown my frustration in Vodka nd Dr. Pepper tonight, because I think I FUCKING need it!!! >_<

Any other ideas besides this? I'd really like to know. Go head, lay it on the line.

It's all in the RAGE these days

Promotional Sites

2008-04-14 03:20:27 by ConnerBomb

I will be promoting websites from here on in, so if you got a site you want me to promote, I'm your ticket! :)

KongKing948's Site
How 2 Skate

Runejake13's Site
Best Video Games and Music

Debate Topic

2008-04-10 00:08:02 by ConnerBomb

Get this... For a debate in my Critical Thinking class, we were given controversial debates like Affirmative Action and Violent Video Games. We were assigned to be either for or against the topic that we were assigned.

What is my topic?

Legalization of Prostitution.

What was my assigned side?

For it.

This is going to be fun. >:P

Debate Topic