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What have I done?

2008-04-04 03:55:48 by ConnerBomb

You know, I came to Newgrounds to get noticed of my works, even if it was half-passed retarded. When I made a comical pic of betty a while back, I was only doing it for shits'n'giggles, to see the reaction of other users, y'know? Then, I saw this, and I almost wanted to scream.

It was used in the Anti-Betty Movement...

What's bad is that none of the pics in this so-called 'Super Poster" aren't even funny compared to the one I made (It's the only one w/out a dick on it, or look in my news posts for a better look). I even said that my pic was for entertainment purposes only! I gave only one person permission to use it, but I didn't expect this to be spawned when I gave him the permission...

I had no intention of it being in any anti-establishment group, along with my KK pic, and now I am in full regrets of actually making it. This sickens me that it was used for a lost cause, a bad one of that.

I'm tired of being accused of being associated with groups that I refuse to take part in. I've BEEN a neutral party since my time on NG, and will forever be neutral til' the day I die. ABM, if you are reading this, do me a favor and get my betty pic off of the poster. I'm sorry for any inconveniences that may be bestowed, but I don't see this as entertainment.

What have I done?

This is why:

(Oh, and how do you guys like my new banner?) :P

My main reason for not arguing with anyone online:

Ideas are flowin', just wish I wasn't Flash retarted...

2008-03-30 02:52:40 by ConnerBomb

Well, after a long day at my job, I have once again jumped on NG and am now posting some random shit that no one cares to read. Anyway...

Yep, I wasn't lying about new ideas for Flash movies. Only problem is that I still have no fucking clue where to begin. I just stare at a blank screen trying to figure out how to animate a freakin' object, and all I'm getting to is nothing...

I officially put my original idea of a NG collab on a temporary sideline and am now thinking of an awesome idea of a Star Fox parody , which I think is getting somewhere. I even got started on a script and whatnot, so yeah. I thank Nin10do'h for the influence. It's more or less a personal project that I hope can get off the ground soon.

The whole thing will be kept under wraps until I actually know how to get it off the ground in the first place... due to my retardness of the Flash program. I guess I'll be hitting up those tutorials on NG for the majority of my spring break.

Oh, and to my surprise, the (un)lovable betty has once again violated my page. At first I thought, 'How the hell...', then I realized that the whole deletion thing lifted my ban of the crazy guy. Go figure.

And now I've finally run out of things to talk about. What's up with everyone else?

Ideas are flowin', just wish I wasn't Flash retarted...

I can't believe I did this...

2008-03-27 03:10:14 by ConnerBomb

I'm almost positive I'm going to get banned for this... but, high demand calls for a deliverance I guess...

(This is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! I am and forever will be a neutral party on all subjects [betty, the crews, etc.]. BUGGER THE FUCK OFF KK, get a sense of humor! X[)


I can't believe I did this...

It's strange how you find your influences on Flash (not saying how), but I'm glad to say that I have a few ideas flowing and am getting together with another Newgrounder to make a nice little Flash. What will it be? Sources tell me, it's going to be a joke-filled behemoth about Newgrounds. I'm freakin' stoked about this.

Oh, and for something I found on the internet for amusment:

Possible Flash collab in the works

Blade + Megaman = 0_0

2008-03-22 03:26:25 by ConnerBomb

A friend of mine did this video for a final project in our Audio class. I think it's pretty catchy. What do you guys and gals think?

Blade vs. Frost (with 8-bit awesomeness)

He's Freakin' Mario

2008-03-20 00:42:07 by ConnerBomb

I got bored one night and did this voice and all. And no one on Youtube has done this yet, so yeah...

And yes, the name IS influenced by the name of Jeremy Simms' ever-so-popular Mario spoofs, so enjoy.

He's Freakin' Mario

Oh, and if you may, I'd like some feedback on this. I'm thinking of making a series out of this.

Something for all you betty haters out there!

2008-03-18 17:50:15 by ConnerBomb

I was bored, and I made this:

REMEMBER PEOPLE: I did this as for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!!! I'm not in any anti-established groups. I don't plan to join any of these groups. I will and always will stay Switzerland on all subjects.


Something for all you betty haters out there!

Most amusing thing ever.

2008-03-17 01:08:57 by ConnerBomb

I recently looked at my PM and found this. I am honestly amused by the fact that the Kitty Krew officially hates my guts now! ^.^

Most amusing thing ever.


2008-03-12 05:18:04 by ConnerBomb

Okay, it's been about maybe one or two weeks since I've been on Newgrounds since I joined two years ago. I've decided to check out NG a little more on the inside.

One of these things: The Crews

I've recently stumbled upon a few things involving crews. More or less, the Clock Crew and the Kitty Krew. I discovered a few things about them, based on what I've seen on their profiles and what I've seen in their flashes.

First off: the Kitty Krew:

I decided to check their individual profiles, along with checking out only a couple of flashes made by them. Yes, they are prone to sub par flashes, I've taken to notice of that. I also noticed, in their profiles, almost every Kitty Krew member is under the age of 18 (14-16 age-wise). Also, they have an interest in certain things, mainly anime and cosplay. Personally, I don't care for both, that's just my opinion. Also, some of the members, by the way their profile looks, are into furries or some shit. Sorry, but furries creep the shit out of me. Enough said.

I'm, however, not against them per se. Soon enough, they'll grow out of it. It just takes time for it to happen.

Now these are assumptions I got from the KK, but the CC?

The Clock Crew, I've found out, run around the same category as the KK, sub par flashes wise. These guys, from what I know, have been around NG since my grade school / middle school days. Other than that, all I know about them is that most of the members are over 18 and that's about it. I would like to investigate more in this crew...

But, from the way I have read reviews and whatnot about them, I found one trait that they both share: both crews hate NG. It's kinda hypocritical for them to actually post flashes on this site , let along stylize their profiles on it as well. I know NG has its flaws, in which I'm sure almost everyone is aware of them, but seriously, what waste your time on this site? The reason I joined is because I hope that I get noticed by a company and such when they see flashes created my me (currently it's not the case, but hopefully, it'll change) and listen to any of the audio I worked on. I did NOT come to be one of those 'Fanboys' of Newgrounds, so the crews says about everyone these days, I want to make a name for myself, and NG is one of those sites in which I can do that.

Another thing I found out : the immaturity level.

Okay, I know this is very obvious on this site. I've seen some of the greatest flashes and audio by some of the most talented flash artists and musicians (Egoraptor and GoreBastard, great examples), and I've seen some flashes that don't deserve to exist (Look at the review on Super Smash Bros. Brawl in my Flash reviews, don't watch it if you haven't seen it,). I also have encountered some unpleasant people, as with everyone else who has an account on NG [yes betty, I'm looking at you >:(]. I do know that NG has a majority of minor users, so it's no surprise, with a 1000:1 ratio from immature to serious people online, but c'mon, it's a little too common, I think.

Seriously, this is obvious to everyone else, but I just wanted to show some insight of what I have seen and heard on NG these past weeks of being on and actually getting involved in the site. Doesn't hurt to examine your surroundings, right?