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Brawl's a hooker.

2008-03-10 17:45:41 by ConnerBomb

A friend of mine brought Brawl over the other day. I was more excited about this game than life, which I think is very sad on my part.

Anyway, I haven't played the english version, so I didn't know of any changes made, if any, from the japanese version. (Yes, I HAVE played the import)

My roomies and I plugged in my faulty GC controllers (thanks to an autistic sibling) and went at it. I pretty much owned everyone with my good friend, McCloud, in every match we played. Even getting the Landmaster stuck in a tunnel didn't stop me from laying out the heat. (Don't ask how I did it)

Honestly, if I have any reason to get a Wii for myself, Brawl would be it. Why don't I own one? Those damn shortages. :(

Brawl's a hooker.